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Counseling for 


From engineers and educators to medical and mental health professionals in VA

You are accomplished and work hard, but something seems to be missing.

  • Career, friends, family, relationships, and free time. There's a lot to juggle. How do you balance it all?

  • You excel at work, but you feel like you're falling behind in relationships.

  • From the outside things look good - you're successful. But, on the inside you're longing for something more. The struggle is figuring out what it is or how to get there.

  • You give a lot - time, energy, emotional capacity. It's draining. How do you refill?

You want to find what's missing.

I can help guide you through and to what's possible.

​It may feel impossible right now, but you can achieve balance. You can develop and feel secure in your relationships. You can be fulfilled and empowered. You can move forward. And I can help you get there.

We'll spend time unpacking the things that are taking up your time and energy in order to understand the purpose they are serving. We will challenge insecurities and doubts that hold you back from fulfilling relationships. And, we will find your strengths and use those to strategize next steps.


Moving forward, unhindered.

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