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Counseling for 

Young Adults

For late teens to mid-30s in VA

These are supposed to be great years, but man it's hard.

On the outside it may look like you have it all together - you go to school/work, hang out with friends, and generally seem to function well. But, on the inside you feel anxious, sad, and overwhelmed - like life could fall apart at any moment. Maybe…

  • You’re navigating a breakup and don’t understand why your relationships never seem to work.

  • You feel isolated from your friend group, left out, or are finding it hard to make connections at all.

  • You feel like you never measure up to others’ (or your own) standards.

  • You’re realizing how expensive life is and struggling to balance your finances.

  • The demands of school and work are making it hard to fulfill your obligations with any real sense of stability.

  • You feel completely uncertain and worried about your future.

You're ready for things to be easier (and fun).

I can help you make that happen.

It may seem impossible right now but you can feel secure and fulfilled in your relationships. You can feel confident that what you’re doing is enough. You can establish financial stability. You can find balance with life demands and responsibilities. You can move forward. And I can help you get there.

We'll unpack the things that are taking up your time and discover the purpose they are serving. We will establish realistic expectations and standards. We will develop skills that promote balance and stability. We will challenge insecurities and doubts that hold you back from fulfilling relationships. And, we will identify your strengths and use those to strategize next steps.


Moving forward with ease.

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